• GovernorGovernor July 2011
    Has anyone else tried Google+? What do you think of it?
  • KPKP July 2011
    I like how it is clean.
    I like the circles.
    I like how it fits with all other google products.

    I don't like how it is yet another thing for google to have control over in my life.
    I don't like the invite system.

  • I like it. I wish more people were on it.
  • mungomungo July 2011
    can someone invite me? *removed email per request*

    ps -- miss you guys a tiny bit
  • GovernorGovernor July 2011
    I sent you a message; it should include an invite link.
  • cutchinscutchins July 2011
    what is it?
  • GovernorGovernor July 2011
    It is Google's new social networking application. It is similar to a hybrid of facebook and twitter, but it has the added benefit of unifying a ton of existing google applications. It is coinciding with revamped UIs for pretty much all of Google's services. If you log into a Google account, you will see a black bar across the top of the page -- that black bar is going to be uniform across almost all of the Google apps, and it shows you your notification count and such on any google site. It also allows you to directly reply to messages on your stream.

    One of the things people seem to be most excited for is the concept of "circles" which allow you to organize all of your contacts into different (possibly overlapping) groups. Then you can easily post information to one or more circles rather than everything you post being pushed out into public. So, for example, you could have a "College" group that allows you to post all of your pictures of being pissed drunk without people in your "Coworker" group seeing it.
  • cutchinscutchins July 2011
    interesting... i'd like to check it out if anyone wants to throw me an invite.
  • dandan July 2011
    Done and done.

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