SUMMER SALE 2011 - Steam
  • KPKP July 2011
    So the summer sale via Steam is on starting yesterday. Anyone buy any games yet? If you notice a really good deal give a heads up.

    I bought The Longest Journey game series as I always meant to play them but never got around to it. Just a classic point and click RPG. Also bought Braid cause I heard good things for a small little game for 2 dollars.
  • GovernorGovernor July 2011
    Dan bought Mount&Blade. :)
  • KPKP July 2011
    Was that on sale?
  • GovernorGovernor July 2011
    I think so. $20 or something like that.
  • ElyseElyse July 2011
    Still not nearly as awesome as when I got M&B for $5.98. :)
  • ErlingErling July 2011
    Get Frozen Synapse.
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