Mount & Musket: Battallion
  • NunesNunes July 2011
    Line Battles are the future. 9:00 PM EST every Friday.
  • JonobonoJonobono July 2011
    I'll be honest, i watched several of these video and found myself laugh histerically at the some of the tactics and comments. Especially when the guy is like "Brb, phone call", and everyone responds with "What's that?" Is this the game you guys are currently playing?
  • GovernorGovernor August 2011
    Mount & Blade: C-RPG is better. Just saying.
  • NunesNunes August 2011
    Your obsession with C-RPG is duly noted. I find that I can't stand the combat in M&B... but I realize I'm in the minority on that.

    Haven't been able to play at all in a few weeks now, but has a 150+ person public line battle on friday nights, 9:00 pm est. Complete with half an hour of training so you can learn your commands and whatnot.

    "Gentlemen! By files, right, MARCH! Do not crouch! We are men!"

    As a bonus, the game devs play on friday nights as well. Having MM_Dev_Vincenzo as your 'toon commander is fun. He is a very ... very drunk man.
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