• xemplarxemplar August 2011
    It's been awhile.....what's up?
  • dandan August 2011
    Hi xemplar. I heard you were openly homosexual. Confirm/deny?


    p.s. <3
  • xemplarxemplar August 2011
    I am not, nor was I ever "openly homosexual" or homo at all. haha.
  • mungomungo August 2011
    I believe videos had been recorded of you being openly homosexual, but had to be deleted because they had you 'performing oral' with a minor. Silly laws.

    Still working at walmart?
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf August 2011
    Hey Xemp been a while.
  • redboneredbone August 2011
    yo yo yo
  • xemplarxemplar August 2011
    @mungo, no, living out in SoCal and working full time. I'm actually turning 21 in a month....can't believe I started posting on these forums when I was like 15...haha...
  • JonobonoJonobono August 2011
    pfft, started posting on SmurF when I was 14. I'm 24 now. Some things never grow old...
  • GovernorGovernor August 2011
    What's up xemplar?
  • xemplarxemplar August 2011
    @governor - Not much man. Enjoying my time out here in Cali. Learning new things and new experiences are a every day occurrence. It Looks like I'll be out here another year for my job, then I'm most likely moving back east to go to school full time. Until that time comes though, I'm going to live it up the best I can out here, haha.
  • mungomungo August 2011
    Where are you working? quik-e-mart?
  • dandan August 2011
    Nice, Sean. If you're ever in the Harrisburg area, I'll buy you a birthday beer.

  • JAmmYJAmmY August 2011
    Xemp is openly homosexual.
  • xemplarxemplar August 2011
    @mungo, working for a company, VSI meter services, based out of Aston, PA, that deals with "smart meters"...we basically are upgrading San Diego County's electric and gas meters so that SDGE, San Diego Gas & Eletric can track usage of gas and electric in homes and business more easily. I work in the warehouse...hahah....
  • GachiGachi August 2011
    You work in the whorehouse? Figured as much. Well, good luck in school young padawan.
  • xemplarxemplar August 2011
    thanks, gach. It may not be for another year but, I'm gonna enjoy it.
  • Gachi did you join the military? You all know I joined the Marines in 2006 right? Did 2 deployments in the past 4 years myself.
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