Sorry for kinda ditching on you guys tonight.
  • redboneredbone September 2011
    But I just had to watch it live. I spent a lot of time on my submission to the show and it its pretty much made my month that I got selected for it.

    So while it was a lot of fun playing some starcraft with you guys again, I just couldn't miss this.
  • fratersangfratersang September 2011
    what show?
  • ErlingErling September 2011
    I highly doubt anyone was offended. Get any good tips?!
  • KPKP September 2011
    I for one, am highly offended
  • dandan September 2011
    Very awesome. I'm watching the episode now. Congrats!


    edit: Oh man, you were the opening example! Very nice!
  • redboneredbone September 2011
    frat - day9's newbie tuesday for this week, about timing attacks

    erling - hell yes i did

    dan - he used my games for the whole episode since it was about adjustments made between games for before/after the attacks between attacks
  • vegitotgkvegitotgk September 2011
    Holy shit so I havent been on these forums in forever but congrats redbone! I heard the name and was like "wait a second...." haha. I just had to check and see that it was you.

    edit: btw this is GnS
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