I can't believe this site is still here.
  • fr4ggedfr4gged October 2011
    It's been a long damn time, is this still here to keep the memory alive? Or is there a reunion in the works?

    Otherwise, hey guys, swung by on a nostalgic whim, not expecting anyone to actually be here.

    What's everyone up to these days?
  • GovernorGovernor October 2011
    Hey man, long time no see.

    The forums never went down after the servers shut down, but they have obviously seen less use over time. There is very little cost to keeping the forums up, so I don't really see any reason to take them down.

    Besides, every once and awhile an old face like yourself stops by, so that's pretty awesome too.

    There's still gaming going on, but it seems everyone kind of games in their own smaller cliques these days. I know a bunch of guys are starting to play Battlefield 3, and I know many are looking forward to Diablo 3 later this year.
  • KPKP October 2011

    Yeah what Gov said. Never went down, just not much traffic.

    I am in Denver.

    What are you up to?
  • AlfyAlfy November 2011
    Also, there is still the Forbidden Donut guild in WoW on Mannoroth. Just me, Phil, and Dan left that play somewhat regularly from the old CS days.
  • CheezzypoofCheezzypoof November 2011
    speaking of, any of you gonna play Star Wars when it comes out late December?
  • BlackLightBlackLight December 2011
  • PheylanPheylan December 2011
    I preorderd.
  • CheezzypoofCheezzypoof December 2011
    I guess me and about 6 others are going Sith on whichever the first RP PvP Eastern Time zone server alphabetically is. If anyone is interested
  • MeatonMeaton December 2011
    Meaton Rush Marry Christmas All :)

  • b1llyb1lly February 2012
    If we all pay a $1 a month, a donut assault server can be resurrected! I need an assault server that isn't full of non-steam hackers.
  • NunesNunes February 2012
    Hell... most of us have jobs these days which is a double edged sword. More money to pay for more server more freely. Less time to play on the server for which we can now afford to pay. But I'd spend portions of that free time in some old fashioned fd_assault... for nostalgia, at least.

    Speaking of nostalgia... #lanbq-redux? Venue ideas? Conversation hijack?
  • b1llyb1lly February 2012
    I'd be down to do $5 a month. You guys would all quit after 2 weeks. Would be fun for those 2 weeks though :) .
  • mungomungo February 2012
    Ahh Billy, looks like running into you brought you back over here, eh?
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf February 2012
    I suppose next time instead of running into him you could try running over him. That MIGHT keep him away.

    Hey Billy sup man.
  • b1llyb1lly February 2012
    Hey fellas. Lol nothing could keep me away. Even though 90% of the posters here quit CS before I had even heard about it in 08/09.
  • sac916sac916 March 2012
    I got $5 on it... '4 the <3 of the game'
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