Headphones - My DSP-500s have finally kicked it.
  • GovernorGovernor October 2011
    Today is a sad day. While unpacking my backpack from my recent trip to San Francisco, I discovered that my DSP-500 headphones had broken. I've had these things throughout my entire adult life and most of my CS "career", and they were otherwise still in 100% working order. I am bummed, but I guess it was $60 well spent.

    I am eager to purchase new headphones asap, but I am nearly a decade out-of-touch of the headphone market. Do you guys have any suggestions?

    Budget isn't really a concern, and I'd prefer USB.
  • JonobonoJonobono October 2011
    I went through two pairs of DPS-500 in 4 years, so I was a bit disapointed. I've now been using the same pair Icemats for the last 5 years and they have worked out nicely. The ones I have aren't usb, but I prefer that since I can plug them into my ipod or phone for listening. Durability would be my main plus for them as they have taken a beating.

    Recently bought a pair of Bose QC-15s. Honestly, I might have been better to served to get 3 pairs of sennheiser gaming headsets, but "turning off the world" is pretty enjoyable in its own right.

    PooPoo to on-ear headsets... I thought you were better than that Frat...
  • GovernorGovernor October 2011
    I have a fix in place that provides the correct balance on my head: http://imgur.com/a/7tbgr
  • JonobonoJonobono October 2011
    Thats pretty funny!

    The Icemats have a clip on mic, so I usually attach it to my clothes or the cord itself. No weight distribution issues there.
  • redboneredbone October 2011
    <--- in pain from that, remembering when i used to wear a pair of headphones, and have my headset draped around my neck
  • woerwoer November 2011
    old thread is old but

    i have a pair of dsp500s that i assume still work. they worked when i stopped using them, at least. if you send me your address i will forward them to you

    I also have NIB creative tactic3d alpha headphones that come with a usb adapter that you can have (won them predicting the order of the last esea invite lan finals), again if you send me your addy. i haven't taken them out of the box so have no idea if they're any good
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