My new Mug Club mug from Lancaster Brewing Company
  • GovernorGovernor January 2012
    I figured some of you might appreciate my new mug at my local brewing company:
  • ErlingErling January 2012
    Haha, love it.
  • dandan January 2012
    Requesting Chuck's presence here.

  • redboneredbone January 2012
    I started brewing my own beer ^.^
    First batch - mr. beer pale ale, should be done carbonating in 2 weeks
    Second batch - some amber ale recipe i got from a local beer depot

    Can't wait to see how they turn out
  • NunesNunes January 2012
    Mugclub. Ungawa.

    How long did you have to sit on a wait-list for that bad boy? Iron Hill was a zero-day wait, but Stewarts in Bear, DE is something like 5 years.
  • GovernorGovernor February 2012
    There's no wait list to join, but you can't put your name down for a personalized mug for a year, and then it usually takes a year for it to come in. At 3 years I can put in my name for a ceramic personalized mug (again taking a year or so).
  • KPKP February 2012
    There is no way it takes that long to make a glass cup with a name on it. Do they just let the order sit around for a year and wait for all requests are in to make a batch?
  • GovernorGovernor February 2012
    That is precisely what they do. The glasses are cheaper in bulk.
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