Guess who reinstalled?
  • mungomungo February 2012
    Not bad, for the first time in over 4 years.

    Anyone else still play?
  • hexenwulfhexenwulf February 2012
    I just lost my raid because of a bad drive. Got everything up and running and was wondering if it would be worth the trouble to put CS back in. Haven't played in a while.
  • KPKP February 2012
    I always have it installed...I am not sure if I've ever had a PC since that game has been out without it on it.

    Setting it up to how I like it is another thing. Every time I boot it up I realize that my mouse sensitivity is all wrong, my binding, etc, and then don't bother to play lol.
  • b1llyb1lly February 2012
    Just played with him. He still sucks.
  • b1llyb1lly February 2012
    Jk, he played well. But r3s1n is still on top ;)
  • mungomungo February 2012
    What the shit is this? You need to pay for ESEA premium in order to play on any of their servers?
  • woerwoer February 2012
    Shiiit of course I still play, and I'm better than dboorn huehuehuehuehue

    t side aztec, 40-1
    ct side aztec 83-8
    t side d2 78-9
    t side d2 35-0

    also this

    i have a test monday but then will be back playing long hours. hit me up on steam
  • BlackLightBlackLight February 2012
    i'll get back in during the summer law school has me by the balls
  • ebolaebola February 2012
    z! you LPB
  • woerwoer March 2012
    ^their fault for buying a company selling hosting to south americans using chi and atl located hosts :P

    ps meNGO and mungo played today, and it was a pretty awesome 10 minutes. yall should play again
  • i want to play but i need help building a pc. cant play this on my laptop. help?
  • b1llyb1lly March 2012
    If you have a MicroCenter near you... (These deals are local pickup only, no shipping).

    This CPU for $99.

    Then you get this Mobo for free:

    4GB of RAM $20:

    Any working 9800GT or equivalent graphics card from a reputable ebay seller like this one for $55.

    Use your old HDD or pick one up for $30. Cases can be found for $10-$20. No DVD drive needed. Install Win 7 with a flash drive.

  • thx :)
  • woerwoer March 2012
    Anyone interested in playing the next season of ESEA for fun? Signups are March 26-April 1.

    If you're not familiar with ESEA league, it's eight weeks playing two teams a week with the map changing each week, then playoffs.
  • redboneredbone March 2012
    Wait, you want me to re-install CS 1.6, and then ESEA, and then get my ass completely rizzle stomped in their league?

    The guys that are still playing 1.6 ESEA I seem to remember being pretty good.
  • woerwoer March 2012
    well, open can be harder than im because every reform team had to start in open, whereas im is made up of teams that could go .500 in open but couldn't do well enough in the playoffs to make main

    that said, bad timing on my post there because now my cs is acting funky, and until i figure out the problem i can't play

    all of a sudden im lagging in cs, but it's not normal lag. i get stuck in the ground for a second. sometimes it happens maybe once a minute sometimes once every few seconds. while im stuck i can still shoot, see people move, radar updates, etc. i've no idea what would cause this. it actually reminds me of speed hacking, how you get stuck for a second after you speed hack so far
    i get stuck 6, 16, 26 seconds in

    then in these it's happening a lot <--this one is interesting in that it shows i get 'stuck' as i'm jumping, and also while i'm on red rock spraying down at the guy, i run out of bullets, then a half second later i get a headshot on him (i.e., after i've run out of bullets).<br />

    ^those are each with constant 100fps and <50 ping. <br />
    i completely reinstalled steam, updated video drivers, messed with tcp/ip settings

    that was last night. i tried today and it only happened maybe twice in the first 30 minutes, but then it got more and more frequent. that makes me think it's a hardware problem. i'm running through hw tests now
  • GovernorGovernor March 2012
  • woerwoer March 2012
    Oculogyric crisis?
  • woerwoer March 2012
    It was an OS problem :D

    so who's up for some esea
  • woerwoer March 2012
    i think i was just playing with sickboy and witbox!

    asked if it was fd | sickboy and he asked why then didn't reply when i said who i am :(

    anyway yall should reinstall
  • redboneredbone March 2012
    i reinstalled, have to admit i've been having lots of fun with it again =D
  • AlfyAlfy March 2012
    I have no idea what servers people play on anymore. Also, I suck.
  • redboneredbone March 2012
    I suck too now apparently =D
  • woerwoer March 2012
    I mostly play Venezuelian servers because I ping 20-30 to them (i would guess they're located in atl, maybe chi). There are a lot of them, and I'm constantly changing which ones I play because I get banned, but here are my current ones:
  • woerwoer April 2012
    7v1 clutch ct side of inferno, 9k for the round i think

    gotta love noobs

  • hexenwulfhexenwulf April 2012
    lol. nice cap
  • redboneredbone April 2012
    -.- you dirty bastard. i'm glad you got banned
  • WedgeWedge May 2012
    We got him unbanned! Let the fun continue.
  • mungomungo May 2012
    so....esea anyone?
  • JAmmYJAmmY May 2012
    The fuck is this game?
  • redboneredbone May 2012
    idk, some bullshit
  • b1llyb1lly May 2012
    More of you guys need to play. I only play well when old donuts and raisins are around.
  • PhilPhil May 2012
    I didn't even remember I had an account here until Alfy reminded me. I just moved, but could ESEA when I get my new internet set-up. Or sooner. Someone contact me.
  • I just rejnstalled BF2 after 4 yrs.
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