• PheylanPheylan March 2012
    So...my hard drive in my desktop died, and I have to get another one. Not a big deal, just picking up a new 1TB to replace it for all my music, videos, etc. But, is it worth also investing in a SSD to load Windows and some applications on? Anyone doing it now?

    A lot of the recommendations I've seen online say that a 60 gig or so SSD is enough to load Windows and your apps on, but to me that seems to small a space to load anything of note. It'd fill up quick, SWTOR alone is 20 gigs. Frankly I don't really care to spend much more then a 60 gig drive anyway because I'm not sure it's worth it at the moment, but I could be swayed if someone has some good input on it. Any thoughts?
  • b1llyb1lly March 2012
    128gb Crucial M4.
  • b1llyb1lly March 2012
    And yes, it's worth it. The bottleneck of all current PC's is the HDD.
  • bobbob March 2012
    It is worth it. I just built a machine with a 120g SSD boot drive and Billy is correct, hard drive is the biggest bottleneck of a new machine. I started with a standard 1.5TB drive and Window 7, then added the SSD a few days later. Huge difference in performance. I recommend the 120g size becuase Windows files will grow over time.
  • coffeecoffee March 2012
    completely worth it. takes about 10-12 seconds to boot up windows 7. i've got a 120 gig ssd as well and have 6 games installed on it with ~31 gigs left over, so it does fill up fast.
  • fratersangfratersang March 2012
    added a 120 gb ssd myself and couldnt be happier. Please read up on SSD offset optimization before you install, and do not ghost from a traditional drive, do a full from scratch install
  • b1llyb1lly March 2012
    Best SSD guide I've found. Looks intimidating but it's really not that bad. Make sure you do the 4k alignment on the SSD before you install Win 7.

  • PheylanPheylan March 2012
    Awesome guys, thanks for the info.
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