• ErlingErling April 2012
    Anyone still have any of their stuff? I seem to have misplaced my CD!
  • dandan April 2012
    I've got my Day Station CD still. Only have like, 2 songs from after the name change, though.

  • GovernorGovernor May 2012
    I have some of their stuff if you're still looking for it.

    I don't seem to have the original Have You Seen This Girl though, and that sucks.
  • I still have their old stuff and some of their new stuff. I do have the original Have You Seen This Girl. I can get it to you if you want it Court.
  • ErlingErling July 2012
    Please! I would love to have it, in some manner. I know I got the Have You Seen This Girl CD, don't know what happened to it though. :(
  • PhilPhil July 2012
    So...we just moved, and in unpacking I noticed that Attia thoughtfully has preserved everything from 2001-2007 on CD. I guess I should rip it all and zip it right? Bug me about this. Theres prob 3-4 versions of each song on the various EPs and published CDs. But I assume the Have You Seen This Girl is the EP version, instead of the one that went onto the Beta record, right? It WAS better.

  • ErlingErling July 2012
    doitdoitdoitdoitdoit, I can even send you some monneeeyyyy :)
  • KPKP July 2012
    Where did you move to Phil? You can listen to Hotspur on Spotify apparently.
  • ErlingErling July 2012
    Let's go Phil!
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