• woerwoer July 2012
    After getting banned for 'walling' twice in two hours, I decided to start making vids of demos from right before the ban. I only had it going for the second one today, but here it is

    I would've thought that looks more like aimbot than walling
  • LethaLLethaL July 2012
    We all know you hack mister, you got caught get over it /sarcasm
  • redboneredbone July 2012
    z you sexy beast
  • GachiGachi July 2012
    z! hacks and so does redbone. Redbone, your opinion is bias. stfu and gtfo.
  • woerwoer August 2012
    been awhile since i was banned, so i didn't have a demo recording, but

    6k + clutch defuse first round
    21-0 through six rounds (only the one defuse)
    banned two kills after this

  • woerwoer August 2012
    oh i've also got some vids coming of me trolling servers with cheaters. as a sneak peak, i must've listened to rebecca black ~ friday 100-200 times in the past few weeks
  • mungomungo August 2012
    Stfu and let's esea
  • woerwoer August 2012
    dont play esea anymore

    hit up phil
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