Fantasy Football 2012
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2012
    As some of you have already noticed, I restarted the fantasy football league from last year and invited all those who were in the league in 2011 to join via whatever Yahoo! account they used last year. If you didn't get an invite, the info is:

    League ID: 278431
    Password: govisshort

    This is regularly one of the more competitive leagues I'm in, and it'd be great if we could get as good of a turnout this year (the 5th year! can't believe it's been this long) as we did last year. I know it may seem futile going up against both the 2011 and the 2009 champeen, but I welcome the challenge.

    I am also welcome to rule changes or anything else to mix things up - I have considered auction but getting everyone for the draft is always a problem, but would consider FAAB (I actually don't know if you can do this with a normal draft) as well as instituting PPR, more flex positions, two QBs, etc. Please post your thoughts here.
  • ErlingErling August 2012
    I don't follow Football closely enough to do well, most likely, but I'll join!
  • xemplarxemplar August 2012
    I already signed up sir!.
  • AlfyAlfy August 2012
    I am probably gonna come in last again... :(

    But I always like playing!
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2012
    Currently have ten players which is a solid group but still four short of last year. If you guys know anyone who hasn't joined who played last year give em a shout
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2012
    Need one more player for 14, can't start the draft until we have an even number of teams. send out the call
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2012
    League is full, thanks everyone. Is the draft time okay with everyone? Notice its on PDT time (bc I'm in LA). I am flexible, however
  • buck3y3buck3y3 August 2012
    dammit....i clicked like 5 buttons to get back on to the site just to see if you guys were playing ff and its already full.
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2012
    where you been son. draft is today
  • KPKP September 2012
    Who wants to trade for Eli Manning.

    interested in all reasonable offers.

    Will take a Manning for Manning trade.
  • AlfyAlfy September 2012
    The crap? How did I win?
  • MagicMagic December 2012
    I flat out dominated my way to Championship #2!!
  • AlfyAlfy December 2012
    I didn't come in last place, so that is a win for me.
  • xemplarxemplar December 2012
    Totally forgot I had signed up...whoops...
  • PheylanPheylan January 2013
    I was on a mad 8 game winning streak to take first. Final game though, man could not have gone worse for me and better for you. Good game.
  • BlackLightBlackLight January 2013
    I really screwed the pooch on this season
  • AlfyAlfy August 2013
  • MagicMagic August 2013
    I second what Alfy said -- I want to defend my crown!
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2013
    League is renewed. 6 years damn. Might have to do a keeper league after this. I'm at a beach with no internet so will set draft time on Monday
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