WoW: MoP
  • ErlingErling October 2012
    a.) Anyone playing?

    b.) Couldn't help but notice when I logged onto one of my characters that he was now in the guild Pink Floyd. It's almost hard to admit how lame that feels that a day 1 guild (doesn't matter if I don't really play) changed it's name... Our name.

    Phil!!! WTF?! :)
  • dandan October 2012
    a.) No, I am not playing Hello Panda Island Adventure

    b.) Story behind Pink Floyd: Tick and Liselle went inactive, and rather than have GM go to one of the other officers, it went to some random guy (I think it was Goteprince or Twinkies, but not sure), who decided to change the name and kick out most of the active officers.

  • AlfyAlfy October 2012
    Been thinking about coming back myself. I have 2 servers I hang out on, Emerald Dream, and of course manno. There is a new FD, but not sure who is in it now, and who all is playing.
  • redboneredbone December 2012
    I played that shit for a hot minute, and now I'm seriously debating if I want to pay for another 3 months or not. Every time I log in now, I spend maybe 30 minutes playing, and then wind up saying to myself "wtf, this is boring."
  • AlfyAlfy December 2012
    Ok, update teim, I am playing again. I actually like it, pretty laid back. There is plenty to do once you hit 90, and many many daily quests (HOPE YOU LIKE IT, VALOR GEAR IS REP BASED NOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHA), and of course heroic dungeons. They implemented the idea of leveling up heroic gear, so if you don't get the crap you want out of raid finder, you can just spend Justice points to increase stats.

    But in the end, it is still the same old "hit the feeder bar and hope I get something I want/like" that wow always has been. Haven't PvPed yet this expac. Damage numbers are stupid now, but that is to be expected.
  • redboneredbone December 2012
    One thing I will say, is I do really like what they did with the dungeons, they are a whole lot more fun than they were in cata
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