The Gachi story
  • MeatonMeaton October 2012
    So i sure you all see or been in one but lets start a story about Gachi and pick up were each one leave off... I start LOL board LOL

    This is the store of Gachi ......
  • mungomungo October 2012
    It starts on a rainy Sunday morning in Governor's bed...
  • mungomungo October 2012
    When everyone finally realized that was dead....
  • JonobonoJonobono October 2012
    Skipping over Mungo's post, hater.

    ... but it isn't just ANY bed. It was THE bed used by the seven dwarfs in the Snow White Disney movie. As soon as his feet barely reached the ground, he....
  • GachiGachi October 2012
    Oh how I miss the old days of FD. Why did we all have to grow up? lol
  • JonobonoJonobono October 2012
    You say "we?" I still get drunk and play video games even if it is by myself.
  • GachiGachi October 2012
    You still grew up, but you're just a nerd. :)
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