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  • Da_CreatoRDa_CreatoR November 2012
    so i purchased CS:GO, please please please please please tell me some of you are playing on at least semi regular server. i misses all you peoples. old school cs just wasnt the same once the fd assault servers dissapeared. and this bouncing around trying to find a regularish server is painful in cs:go hahah
  • KPKP December 2012
    How is it?
  • BlackLightBlackLight December 2012
    it's weird since they changed the entire interface and there's no more assault :(. also it is just me or does it move a lot faster? i dk. also, i need to find some skins for it because i can never tell CTs and Ts apart
  • mungomungo December 2012
    never played but heard it's like roller blading...i'm still playing a little bit of 1.6 though if anyone still plays that
  • BlackLightBlackLight December 2012
    i will join you but i am absolutely terrible these days
  • AlfyAlfy December 2012
    Not that you were ever good in the first place....

    Just sayin.... :D
  • BlackLightBlackLight December 2012
    i can't think of anything to say to that :(
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