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  • GachiGachi December 2012
    What games is everyone playing these days on the computer?
  • KPKP December 2012
    As previously stated, Natural Selection 2. Tis good times
  • JonobonoJonobono December 2012
    Check out my post in the Guild Wars 2 thread. I covered a few good ones.
  • redboneredbone December 2012
    I was playing WoW, but I've recently gotten back into sc2. I'm hoping to get a beta key for HotS from pre ordering the game on amazon. If so, I'll definitely be playing that
  • AlfyAlfy December 2012
    Borderlands 2, and WoW right now.
  • BlackLightBlackLight December 2012
    Zombie Panic, so addictive
  • redboneredbone January 2013
    just got the HotS beta key, i'm fucking loving this game
  • JeddHamptonJeddHampton January 2013
    Not much. I got into DotA 2, so I've been getting back into that.
  • dandan January 2013
    No shit? We must DotA, Shaun. I'm on quite frequently. Did you get a new Steam account? I don't see you on my friends list...

  • ErlingErling January 2013
    Skyrim (again.)
    Dota 2
  • coffeecoffee January 2013
    Dishonored, the walking dead, torchlight 2, and a bunch of other games the steam Christmas sale goaded me into buying
  • JeddHamptonJeddHampton January 2013
    Same account. My name was switched to Marty Graw.
  • dandan January 2013
    Ahhhh. That's who that is. Gotcha. I'm Xanadu.
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