Let's See Those Rides Kids...
  • carto0ncarto0n October 2007
    as a resident gear head.....im curious as to what everyones mode of transportation is...

    upload some pics of your rides to the Gallery!
  • ScabdatesScabdates October 2007
    I took this picture just for you:

  • carto0ncarto0n October 2007
    i love how you googled "Feet"
  • woerwoer October 2007
    I am a sick motherfucker
  • carto0ncarto0n October 2007

    topic fail. gg cartoon.
  • woerwoer October 2007
    id post a pic but i doubt you havent seen a standard volvo 850 /fail
  • carto0ncarto0n October 2007
    mfarr....lets see the olds son, lets see the olds....

    and a quick shot of your mom too
  • MagicMagic October 2007
    nobody wants to see a 96 toyota corolla

    perhaps i'll post a picture of my penis instead
  • azn+mikeazn mike October 2007
    Getting a 2006 Toyota tacoma...long story about that one.

    But yeah I'll be getting that tomorrow.
  • sac916sac916 October 2007

    I've got this, but with the added bonus of tinted black windows.

    I loved my old car though. 1999 black gmc yukon. lowered 5" all around. Damn gas prices making me sell.
  • PhilPhil October 2007
    I have some pics of my totaled 2000 Ford Fucus and my girlfriend. Which ride should I post?
  • dandan October 2007
    I really want to see what a Fucus looks like, to be honest.

  • xemplarxemplar October 2007
    both?..I would post my car..though...The whole "I can't drive due to stupid eye condition" kinda sucks...
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