Decided to finally come out of the closet here
  • mungomungo May 2013
    Xemplar is openly homosexual.

    That is all.
  • AlfyAlfy May 2013
  • great day for America
  • xemplarxemplar May 2013
    I'm not gay...but...I do have less of a chance of creating a kid now due to having testicular cancer. Don't worry though, I froze some...
  • AlfyAlfy May 2013

    Upon checking the facebooks, I see you are not joking. That sucks. You gonna be able to keep them or what?
  • xemplarxemplar May 2013
    They already took it out. Starting chemo on the 20th.
  • AlfyAlfy May 2013
    Do you know if you are gonna still be able to have (father) children after this?
  • xemplarxemplar May 2013
    I donated sperm before the surgery. I will just have to due it through IVF.
  • AlfyAlfy May 2013
    How was it found? Did you feel a lump or what?

  • xemplarxemplar May 2013
    Well, obviously I knew something was off. Went to my physician and he recommended I get it looked at by a surgeon. Had surgery on it then got referred to an oncologist.
  • AlfyAlfy May 2013
    Well, I hope for a speedy recovery for you and that things will still continue to work, and that your boyfriend is going to be OK with everything... :D

    But seriously, hope for the best sir. My mother has had cancer 3 times, and she is currently 3/0.
  • xemplarxemplar May 2013
    Thanks man, I appreciate it.
  • hey xemp why did you leave san diego??
  • dandan May 2013
    Oh shit. Glad you're doing well, Sean. That's pretty serious. I hope mungo feels like an ass now.

  • xemplarxemplar May 2013
    I flew home November 17th. Got laid off from my job and it was the easiest solution then trying to use the money I have set aside to live on while trying to find a new job

    @Dan: Thanks man, I appreciate it. Both my surgeon and oncologist said that Testicular cancer is actually the best cancer to get, because the survival rate is either 98% or 96% depending on the type of cancer it is. Now I just have to deal with chemo, which is going to suck, but, I'll get through it.
  • GachiGachi May 2013
    Best of luck with the upcoming Chemo. Get well soon.
  • GovernorGovernor May 2013
    Best of luck with the chemotherapy. I'm glad to hear you caught it early and are being aggressive with the treatment.
  • xemplarxemplar May 2013
    Thanks man. I appreciate it. I have two more days of chemo treatments, then I have a two week rest period before I start back up. June 26 will hopefully be my last day of chemo.
  • dandan May 2013
    That's good to hear. I'll buy you a congratulatory beer when a) you're in the Harrisburg area, and b) when you turn 21. You're still 15, right? :P

  • xemplarxemplar May 2013
    I meant July 26 as my last day...I'll be 23 in September...haha
  • Come to Cali for treatment xemp. I'll put you on the CS and 15 doobie a day plan. Some RSO too.

    Really though I'm just glad the docs seem to be on it. Good luck with the chemo buddy.
  • xemplarxemplar June 2013
    Haha, thanks man.
  • meathammermeathammer June 2013
    just caught this thread, bummer man. i had cancer at the end of '11, yanked my kidney right out of me and all is well. you'll be back at your walmart greeter job in no time!
  • GachiGachi June 2013
    holy shit, it's meatslammer... err hammer. Whats going on?
  • meathammermeathammer June 2013
    enjoying life! baby daughter's 1 yr old, work is great, can't complain. you?
  • PheylanPheylan June 2013
    Damn, ball cancer. That sucks man. Hope that at this point everything has cleared up smoothly.
  • xemplarxemplar July 2013
    After Monday, I have 5 treatments left then it's either I have surgery or the chemo got rid of everything.
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