My Immortal Troll
  • Black+BalloonBlack Balloon November 2007
    Copy+paste this link into your URL bar at your own risk. This leads to one of the most hilarious and disturbing slaughterings of the English language in the history of forever. This is loosely (very loosely; almost not at all) based on Harry Potter.

    My Immortal

    For an objective approach to this fanfiction, you can check ED for some preliminary information.

    Encyclopedia Dramatica

    If you can read all of it, you are my fucking hero. There's 44 chapters; I managed to read to 25.
  • jump3rjump3r November 2007
    If it does this to MS Word, imagine what it would do to dan....
  • Black+BalloonBlack Balloon November 2007
    I like how misspelled is spelled incorrectly in the error box saying there are too many spelling errors.
  • dandan November 2007
    Ow, my eyes are burning.

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