24'7 Assault FD Old time player
  • SwordthaneSwordthane June 2013
    Hey guys I used to play on the 24'7 Assault servers way back in the day with FD I was wondering if there were still any of the original members still around or if this is even the same forbidden donut and if you all are still running a server?

    I remember gachi and budwiser and many others.
  • AlfyAlfy June 2013
    Oh, this is the same forbidden donut.

    Last I knew, there was no FD servers around.
  • SwordthaneSwordthane June 2013
    Are you running any game servers for anything at this time?
  • GachiGachi June 2013
    Yeah, same Donut, however we aren't running any servers. We quit awhile back, mostly because all the members were growing up, moving on with school, jobs, life. I got out of the Marine Corps in 2012, so between deployments, I didn't game much.

    Govenor keeps the forums around for us to still come on and see whats new with everyone, kinda as a momento.
  • SwordthaneSwordthane June 2013
    Well I'm glad the community is still up and running and everyone is doing good.
  • mungomungo June 2013
    Just curious -- if i hosted a new cs 1.6 server, how long do you think we could get traffic in there for? Think people would come back for a tiny bit? Might be fun.
  • AlfyAlfy June 2013
    I'd be down for some 1.6 action.
  • dandan June 2013
    I predict 2 weeks at max.

  • bobbob June 2013
    I might be able to go a week and a half, getting old you know....
  • meathammermeathammer June 2013
    7 minutes.

  • ScabdatesScabdates July 2013
    I would play
  • KPKP July 2013
    I concur with Dan, a week or two.

    I've been playing some CS:GO lately if anyone wants to play that.
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2013
    CS:Go made me vomit but I probs should try it with a newer comp
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