Fantasy Football 2013
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2013
    Invites have been sent out to everyone who participated in last year's league. So far only 4 have joined - check your old/new emails!! Draft is tentatively set for Tues 8/27 at 7:00 EST. Post draft time suggestions here if it doesn't work - also reach out to everyone who hasn't renewed.
  • MagicMagic August 2013
    Any chance you could bump the draft time up to 6:00 EST on the same day?
  • mungomungo August 2013
    i never got this, please resend
  • AlfyAlfy August 2013
    Either time for the draft works for me. I might actually be able to be there for a live draft!
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2013
    what's your email mungo
  • xemplarxemplar August 2013
    my old yahoo account was deactivated due to me not using it. I have a new yahoo login now. I need a new invitation to my new account.
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2013
    hmmm my telepathic powers seem to be out of wonk right now could you maybe tell me what the account name is
  • xemplarxemplar August 2013
    my bad, it's seanhodges22.
  • PheylanPheylan August 2013
    Any chance we can bump it one day? I'm in Micronesia and will be leaving for Japan on the night of the 27th (your time) so I will be back home on the morning of the 28th (your time). If we can bump it a day, I can be there in the morning of my 29th, your 28th evening.
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2013
    yessir, need more ppl anyways
  • AlfyAlfy August 2013
    Does that mean we are doing it at the same time on wednesday ? That makes me unable to make it... :(
  • BlackLightBlackLight August 2013
    no i moved it back a week
  • PheylanPheylan September 2013
    Good luck, Ill be flying at draft time tomorrow, so looks like autodraft for me this year. I don't want to ask yall to move it again.

    P.S. If you felt so inclined, I could make it if it was....24 or so hours later. ;) But I'm not asking. For the record.
  • mungomungo September 2013
    pm'd you my email blacklight
  • BlackLightBlackLight September 2013
    Still short of ppl with Mungo we have 8....last year I think we had 14?? If you know people who played last year please give them the league info ASAP. Otherwise I will move back the draft one more day, but not sure what time as I have another league drafting at 9pm Eastern tmrw
  • BlackLightBlackLight September 2013
    Draft time has been changed till tmrw @ Pheylan
  • BlackLightBlackLight September 2013
    Need one more person
  • PheylanPheylan September 2013
    Well damn, after all that, I missed it anyway when I got called in to work. Drafting on deployment is hard. :(
  • AlfyAlfy September 2013
    And then I somehow end up with both Mannings? GG auto draft?
  • xemplarxemplar September 2013
    If only I hadn't forgotten the draft was when it was...I would definitely have a better team.
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