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  • Retr0%5ERetr0^ November 2007
    I always had the assumption that I had ADD, but never did anything about it through high school, because I am a fairly intelligent person (34 on my ACT) and so I would not really do homework but just do well on tests.

    But now that i'm in college, I find that I need to study to get the grades I used to get in high school, and I need to do my homework. But I can't concentrate at all to do my homework and I don't really study. So I went to the doctor and was officially diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder) and he prescribed concerta. I take one pill a day and have only been on it for 3 days. Does anyone else take this medication?? I don't know what its supposed to feel like... because right now I just feel like i'm kinda high all day... I seem like I space out more when i'm on it, I find it easier to sit down and just do boring shit that I should do. I'm not really ever hungry anymore, I've noticed mood swings... the other day I talked with the girl I was kind of with and she decided that we just should just be friends... and we had only been talking for like 4 months and I wasn't that attached... but I had thoughts of overdosing to kill myself, thats scaryy shit. I've noticed i'll be really happy and then 2 hours later like not be sad... but not really be happy and just kind of feel bad in general. So ya, all of that to ask if anyone else has experienced this medication or a similar medication that can give me their experience with it... because I don't know if my reaction is normal or what.
  • Retr0%5ERetr0^ November 2007
    oh ya and i'm never really tired anymore. Like during the day I have a shit load of energy... and I noticed that I don't really need sleep haha. One night I only got like 3 hours of sleep and I was fine the entire next day I think concerta is an amphetamine so I think that is normal... but I don't really know.
  • JonobonoJonobono November 2007
    I took Adderal for ADD in highschool. From the sounds of it you are experiencing waves of anxiety which is pretty common while on amphedemines. If you feel like really commiting suicide, stop taking it. If you want to tough it out, your body will begin to get used to it and after about 2 weeks, the effects should be minimal. Not gone, but minimal. There are other medications you can take for the anxiety. You should totally talk to your doctor, because they are going to know best, and will be able to tell you exactly what to do.

    I quit taking my meds before my senior year because it really messed with me. It basically took away my personallity.
  • Retr0%5ERetr0^ November 2007
    I donn't think i really WANT to commit suicide... but like most of the day i'll be fairly normal... but then randomly thoughts will come into my head, like the past hour i've had thoughts about why do we even live? Like if religion is true (I grew up christian) then why can't I "feel" God like you are supposed to, I have no desire to "grow closer to God". My faith has taught me that the point of existence is to bring glory to God through living my life in an unselfish holy way. But If none of that is true... then what is the point of living? Is the point of living to make it through the entire day... until the points of happiness, contentment, ecstasy arrive? And so getting to thinking all of that... it just doesn't seem logical, it doesn't seem like it is worth it to sift through everyday life just to experience moments of true bliss.

    Don't like flip out or anything alot of you guys have known me for a couple years and i've spent alot of time with you guys in game but all of these thoughts that i've never really had before are taking over. I don't want to kill myself, I want to live, I don't want to kill myself for attention or shit like that. I'm relatively happy with who I am and where I am. My life is much better than alot of people, but sometimes it all just seems pointless.
  • mungomungo November 2007
    You're a fucking fag.

    But on a more serious note drugs such as concerta, ritalin, and adderal used to be used as weight loss pills -- thus why you're not as hungry anymore. Make sure to keep eating or the chemical imbalance that makes you moody will get worse. If you can't stand eating yet, make yourself a 1000 calorie protein shake and just throw it down. Calorie deficit is one of the worst things for your body and leads you to think, feel, and act differently.

    After you regulate your eating patterns, you should stay on your concerta for at least another week. After that, if you still feel as if your body hasn't adjusted, stop taking it. There are plenty of medications for ADD and they all respond differently to prepubescent women such as yourself.

    Hope this helps, you cock mongrel.
  • jump3rjump3r November 2007
    Medline Info on the drug isn't very useful, tells you some obvious things that you could guess by what you've stated.

    Go there, they also have a "Join A Local Support Group" link, check it out.

    As for the mood swings... I think by what you've described though, it's a side effect. Be cool image/wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />

    Definitely go back and talk to your doctor 5-7 days after if you're not liking the drug. What I mean by 'liking' is if you're not happy with the effects it's having. If the side-effects aren't worth the benefits, fuck it. It's not a drug you can't absolutely live without.
  • GmnotutooGmnotutoo November 2007
    I have ADD. I quit the medicine because it's bad. I didn't feel like my normal self when on it, was incredibly reserved which harmed my social skills in high school, I couldn't sleep and developed anxiety, I lost lots of weight that I'm now gaining back. All in all, it's an evil thing. You can control your add through environment. Don't do homework or study in places where you are comfortable or relaxed, go to like a library or sit around campus and do it. Use Multicolor pens and Highlighters for studying and note taking, I can't stand staring at a single color in text and I just skip words when I read. If it is in many colors and a set "legend" is used for when you use those colors it really helps.
  • jump3rjump3r November 2007
    ^ Jason, you da man.

    Personally, I don't think ADD should be diagnosed to as many people as it has been. 1/4-1/2 of all those with ADD have some sort of learning disability. Those are the ones that need to be treated or helped. The others need more of a behavioural adjustment. What Jason said is true, if you play games/Watch tv in a room, it'll be 10x harder to study/do homework in that same room/spot. It's true for almost everyone, even myself. There's lots of tips and tricks you can use to help you study better.
  • Retr0%5ERetr0^ November 2007
    I don't need help studying... like I stated earlier i got a 34 on my ACT so i'm not exactly slow haha... and it isn't just in ability to concentrate on schoolwork... it is scary shit when you space out look up at the clock and 10 minutes have gone by and you have absolutely no idea what happened the last 10 minutes. And if I'm not really concentrating while talking to someone I have no idea what they just told me... so if someone asks me a question I just kind of bs an answer cuz i dont know what they were talking about.
  • Black+BalloonBlack Balloon November 2007
    I did some quick research and came up with this generalization about ADD: all of the symptoms that are described are things that parents hate. For instance, kids being energetic and talkative and generally not be very bright conversationally. That's considered ADD now. It's not normal human nature to be interested in what is factually boring shit, so don't think it should be.

    My brother was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed ritalin (He is 12 years old). The long and short of it is that it fucked him up. Yes, he could concentrate but he looked and felt like a fucking zombie. That's not healthy behavior, and it won't help in the long run. As a people, we don't need medicine to correct our flaws. Just personal responsibility, a receptiveness to information that isn't gained through chemicals, but perseverance.
  • Retr0%5ERetr0^ November 2007
    that is a pretty flawed generalization.... maybe that is considered ADD in children... but adult ADD isn't a fucking joke and isn't just behavioral flaws. I don't think you understand because you've never experienced it personally, it's like that feeling you get every once in awhile when you just wake up from a deep sleep and for just a split second you forget where you are... except it happens often and you lose 10 minutes at a time of your life.
  • Black+BalloonBlack Balloon November 2007
    The feeling isn't unique to you. It's a flawed generalization (definitively speaking), but not for that reason. Adult ADD is the same as any ADD, the only difference being that you fuckin' grew up.

    -Difficulty concentrating or focusing one's attention on one thing.
    -Never finishing things.
    -Trouble with organization.
    -Procrastination, lack of attention to detail.
    -Problems remembering appointments or other engagements.
    -Difficulty staying still or seated for protracted periods of time.
    -Restless or fidgety.

    The symptoms for child ADD? Same fucking stuff, condensed as such: short attention span. I'm not saying everything is your fault and that you're any less of a person for having this problem, but I make the general case that these are problems solved by perseverance. Your problem with losing track of time can't even really be attributed to either ADD or the drug with any kind of certainty. I get the same problem napping on and off when I come home tired and just lie on the couch. If this feeling is perpetual, which you make it out to be, then it's a physical rather than psychological problem.
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