• redboneredbone December 2007
    So, if you have ever played any type of competitive CS before, you will know that Lethal likes to bug you about making a team. This happened to me today and got me thinking about ways to play competitive, or at least semi-competitive. The current CAL season isn't over until right around when school will be picking up again, so that is out of the option. So I came to the conclusion that making an ESEA team would probably be fun.

    Despite having tried to do this a couple times with the Letter team, I think it is worth giving it a go again if anyone is interested. This isn't going to be anything overly demanding or intense (lethal is probably going to be on it). But I think it would be worthwhile to maybe have a practice or two, and see if we could get some work in on a few aim maps, just so we stand a chance. However, I don't want to push things and am fine with people going at their own pace, and am extending this invitation to everyone.

    I'm not exactly sure how many premium account members there have to be to make a team, but I know that everyone doesn't have to have an account. So even if you can't pay the 6 dollars, you can still probably play, you just need to download the ESEA client.

    If all else fails, just let me know and maybe we can get some ESEA pugs together.
  • LethaLLethaL December 2007
    i hate you now but however i wouldn't say no for a try

    for the 6$ per months i could pay it but the thing is i can't get paypal to work
  • cutchinscutchins December 2007
    i'm in.
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