TAL Season 2 Summer Event
  • TAL%26%23124%3BDanTAL|Dan December 2007
    TAL (24/7 Assault League).

    I want to keep you all informed as possible so let's start off by introducing myself. My name is Daniel Roblin and I run a league called TAL – (24/7 Assault League). Basically it’s an organized league that features only one map, cs_assault. The league uses rules similar to CAL to balance both teams. It’s 5 on 5 play with 30 rounds just like CAL. I’m going around researching different assault clans and posting this advertisement to let them know that a league like this exists. The aim of this league is to get to know the 24/7 assault community and to find out what clans are the strong ones, the friendly ones, and the weakest ones. Registration is open and the season will start some time in May, I’ll keep you updated. If you’re interested, visit the TAL forums and take a look at the rules:
    We already had a successful season of TAL, I had a lot of positive feedback but I had to cut the season short because of family, work, and school issues between the competitors. So now you have December until May to register your clan, practice a bit if you need to, finalize rosters, and maybe donate money to: [email protected]. All proceeds will go to the development of the league. So are you ready to show the whole community what a strong built clan you are, this is the place to do it, are you game?

    - TAL|Dan
  • carto0ncarto0n December 2007
    we gave this a go last year....and it failed miserably. one match the other team was a no show, and the two others were cut short. people started to leave, very unorganized. i might be willing to pick up cs again and give it another try, as long as its not like it was last year.
  • TAL%26%23124%3BDanTAL|Dan December 2007
    This is sorta true, I kind of rushed it last year. I hope TAL has way more clans registering. Most of the clans I talked to about TAL were like, no were a pub clan we don't scrim, bunch of noobs. There were only 2 matches, sW vs donut and D/O/G vs b.A. But I see that this season will be way more successful considering I started the advertising/registering process really early. Oh and btw, LOL at your avatar.
  • GmnotutooGmnotutoo December 2007
    Every clan deserves to make sub clans for as many members that the clan has.
  • TAL%26%23124%3BDanTAL|Dan December 2007
    Sure, why not. But be creative in what you name your sub clans. Don't be like: Donut clan #1, Donut Clan #2 etc.
  • maliskmalisk December 2007
    Malisk's 24/7 Assault!...if only you were here two years ago.

    I might be interested in being apart of this if anyone else is.
  • AlfyAlfy December 2007
    I wouldn't mind...
  • dandan December 2007
    If I had CS installed, I'd play. However, I'd have to install CS for that offer to stand.

  • fratersangfratersang December 2007
    just let us know when you find out more
  • waterxm04waterxm04 December 2007
    QUOTE (fratersang @ Dec 17 2007, 09:59 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    just let us know when you find out more

    Please more than 48 hours notice before a commencement of the program, rushing only causes more problems (e.g. Xbox 360).
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    Valhalla u think u could post that on gameover-clan.co.nr thx
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  • Black+BalloonBlack Balloon January 2008
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