• CheezzypoofCheezzypoof December 2007
    Will be partitioning a 500 gig hard drive later tonight or tomorrow. Any advice on the best way to do that? I was thinking 100 gigs for the system and system applications, 200 gigs for games, and the rest for music, videos, etc. Make sense? not sure what the advantages are to different sizes
  • romerashromerash December 2007
    I always did a 10 for windows, 160 for "Storage" and the rest for apps (including games), you can divide the apps one into apps and games if you want. My HDs are 320 in total
  • dandan December 2007
    I have 100 for windows and applications, 200 for music/movies/other files, and 100 just sitting around, waiting for a purpose.

  • StriveckStriveck December 2007
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