Noob PSU question
  • coffeecoffee December 2007
    Thinking of picking up a 7600GT to replace my exploding 6600GT; system requirements are "400W Power Supply, 26 Amps, 12 Volt Rail". I'm not too sure about what the 12V rail means. The sticker on my psu shows +3.3V @ 26.0A, +5.0V @ 32.0A, and +12.0V @ 13.0A.

    Will i be able to play games again?
  • coffeecoffee January 2008

    ok disregard that question, heres a different one. If connect two 12 volt @ 18A rails to a graphics card with a 4-pin Y adapter, will the total available amperage be 36?
  • mungomungo January 2008
    It should, but you might want to consider upgrading your power supply. You don't want to push your PSU too hard.
  • coffeecoffee January 2008
    i am planning to get an OCZ 600W power supply. it has four 12V rails @18A. my video card states a 12V rail @ 18A minimum req. my concern is that one 12V rail will provide insufficient power to the card while running moderately stressful games like FEAR on higher settings.
  • mungomungo January 2008
    You're absolutely right, and I don't need to go into details why. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to the 600W.
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