Mandy Nights
  • scrubblescrubble October 2007
    ok, there are at least 5 people that i believe play regularly or so. let's see if we can bring mandy nights back.

    just post the days that you think you would be available on and at what times.
  • AlfyAlfy October 2007
    Any evening in the week, minus Tuesdays. Weekends are usually busy during the day, but nights are available.
  • scrubblescrubble October 2007
    i was thinking Sundays. it's usually a low key night. thoughts?
  • xemplarxemplar October 2007
    work and school have gotten the best of me..Though, I will try
  • BudweiserBudweiser October 2007
    Makes no difference to me, with a rotating shift, I will miss some.
  • HoseKingHoseKing October 2007
    I wont give days I can play because I never know because of my schedule. I will try to squeeze in if it works out for me.
  • LethaLLethaL October 2007
    i work monday to friday 8am to 5pm

    so every weeknights and weekends could be find for me

    NOTE - i still need to buy a new comptuer
  • PheylanPheylan October 2007
    Let me know what yall decide on. I go out just about every night of the week, so I can't say a specific time.
  • JAmmYJAmmY October 2007
    My PSU is fried. I'm not getting a new one fer a bit, so I am out till then.

    I also won't be able to play TF2... Booo.
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