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  • NunesNunes June 2008
    Dota is fun but it's too intense for me. an hour of 100% devoted attention vs 2 hours of on and off playing.

    But damnit if DotA isn't holy-crap-I-can't-believe-it awesome.
  • ScabdatesScabdates August 2008
    lol counter-strike is teh only real game guys

    thread rez
  • FoowankoFoowanko August 2008
    CS was fun between me and my friends before all they wanted to do was smoke pot before a match and lose EVERY SINGLE MATCH; thusly losing any chance I had of wanting to go cal-m.
  • waterxm04waterxm04 August 2008
    I think you're missing his point anunes, He's just saying the amount of time you can and most players to is very unproportinate to the time they should be spending on every other simple / social responsibility. I lift every other day for 2 hours and I do talk about lifting for about 20 minutes.. the rest of the time is stories with guys places i had a good time, great shit i ate recently or a supplement I like. Wow you do the exact same thing.. however people just can't leave the gym with wow. They spend 8-10 hours... All day. If you don't manage your time you can get sucked into a WoW the ends up ruining several very important aspects of life. There is proof. When I lift I get results, when you play wow you achieve absolutely nothing. I'm 5'5 and 135lbs of lean muscle. If I wasn't I wouldn't be able to play rugby so that 2 hours every other day on a full body workout plan helped me achieve on of my goals. If I spent 8 hours on wow because I had to raid what did I accomplish in real life? A gigantic waste of time that I could have used to be productive?

    However I see your point anunes, You don't go out often, which is a personal choice to pick WoW over socializing with immediate friends or family. Don't lie, I don't want to here you stories or excuses if you raid I know as a wow player you don't get out much at night. Admit that to me I'll be one happy gentlemen, but if wow is your hobby that's cool I just suggest not becoming the STATISTIC. Take sometime off and do a crossword puzzle (i love xword puzzles) or get out and make new friends. Something other than that POS game. You attain nothing from that, the sooner you come to realize that the sooner you'll quit and sell. I made 900$, but I lost almost half of my friends and a girlfriend (who i retrieved after quitting only to lose to college...) Not to mention 1:42 on my fastest mile time... Goodluck with the hobby man, just don't become an addict, if someone invites you to dinner, don't raid..
  • FoowankoFoowanko August 2008
    I just got back into WoW because one of my roommates is on the same server and another kid might transfer. He's a total junky and even bought me a 2month game card. I'll play a game for free image/tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" /> But I don't get all intense with it, I just pvp sometimes and might try a few raids. When I was a WoWaholic about a year ago, I always got off whenever a friend called me or wanted to hang out with me, even if it was mid-raid. I only played WoW when I knew I wasn't going to be doing anything for a few hours.
  • NunesNunes August 2008
    lulz, I'm fickle, my hobbies already moved on. Politics took over. I read, watch, and wharrgarbl for politics.

    Actually activities IRL will always trump video games, and I totally get that that might not be the "norm". It's all about balance. If you go into any hobby with that in mind I think it's hard to overdo it.

    Foowankoo has the idea. It's a hobby, don't let it become an addiction and it's no different than any other hobby.
  • MedicMedic September 2008
    I find the game fun...been playing for 2 years and going. I can't deny it, it's addictive, but it's a social game(inb4 lolsocial) where four or five of my games play with me. I also form friendships in game with the people I play and most of my ingame friends are on a first name basis and I do sit on vent with them discussing such things as politics, music, movies, sex, anal sex, gay anal sex, balls shaving, pube shaving, and life. I do still enjoy going every friday and saturday nights.
  • JonobonoJonobono September 2008
    4 weeks without wow and counting. The road to recovery has been tough though.

    The only thing i want to inject to the meat of this thread is that yes, wow is terribly addicting. People don't understand how the chase for "purple pixels" is indeed one of pride and sacrifice. Raiding takes up copious amount of time, not only in the act but in preparation. I don't doubt for one second that people out there are capable of taking wow in moderation, I just have no experience in this facet of the game. Wow will completely consume peoples lives and it's sad that took place with some of your friends truebeliver. However, you cannot compare such examples with that of anyone else other than your friends. There are no grounds for which to do so. Instead you could have stated exactly what your friends did and how it made you feel. People also in hostility to personal threats, this is just basic instinct. This entire arguement could have been avoided.
  • I started again now that I've gotten to UK. I'm on The Forgotten Coast, char name=Aurelianus, of Teh Lawlzypop Guild.
  • November 2009 Edit
    It looks like we have started playing on Tuesdays again. If it's your first time, or if you are tuning up for Realm Championships, come on dawn and help us get this Tuesday night going strong.
  • AlfyAlfy November 2009
    Old thread is old.

    I no longer really play WoW.

    I want a game that is fun for me to play immediately. I don't get that with WoW.
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