Assassins Creed Difficulties?
  • NunesNunes April 2008
    So I have -----------------------and---------------- it requires
    2.5 gb ram=================> 2 gb ram
    Radion x300================> Radion x300
    intel core 2 duo 2.8 ghz =========>Intel Pentium 4 2.8ghz

    plenty of hard drive space
    etc etc is fine in the check out at the beginning of the launch.

    It tells me I don't have enough ram, a shitty gpu and a processor that is insufficient. It launches the game and I see alternating white and black screens and hear the sound fine. I'm pissed... this game was expaynsif.
  • stealth_3lfstealth_3lf April 2008
    do you have the latest drivers for your computer?
  • NunesNunes April 2008
  • coffeecoffee April 2008
    what is the actual error message, my friend

    also, are you running vista/xp
  • NunesNunes April 2008
    There is no error. The game starts up the first time, and tells me that I don't have sufficient ram, video card, or cpu. I have at least what they require in all 3 categories... but it tells me this anyway. I clicked ok. I heard the ubisoft sounds and some other random menu shit but only saw a 14x9 widescreen rectangle switch from white to black slowly. Then the game's opening dialogue starts. Still no video.

    I don't get it. It wants an x300, 2 gigs of ram and a 2.8 ghz P4... I have the x300, 2.5 gigs of ram, and a 2.8 ghz CORE 2 DUO. Guess I just lit 50 bucks on fire.
  • coffeecoffee April 2008
    does the game and/or your computer crash afterwards? and your video and sound card drivers are up to date you say?
  • NunesNunes April 2008
    drivers are up to date. the game continues as normal in every way except for the video doesn't display. No crash. I can alt+F4 out of the game or alt+tab or any other actions. I can hit esc to open the menu and I hear the menu's audio feedback as I mouse over the selections. Just flashing white...... black....... white......... black........
  • FoowankoFoowanko April 2008
    It sucks that you lost 50 bucks, but the game was a bit disappointing. Also, how does it not recognize that you clearly make the requirements? You can't see anything to make any kind of adjustments to video settings?
  • NunesNunes April 2008
    it's a splash screen, I should've screen shotted it but shmeh. it listed all the reqs in one column and then next to it would have a check mark or an x if I met or didn't meet the requirements. There was an OK button at the bottom. I had x's for those three things but I meet or exceed them all. I'm pissed but maybe they'll patch it or something.
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