slow computer
  • WedgeWedge April 2008
    i remember reading a while back, maybe in the old forum, about a program you can run to help speed up your computer. it might have been something you run and it gives you a read out of what your computer is running and what can be taken off. anyone help? my computer runs really slow lately and takes a while to start up and start simple programs such as IE. thanks in advance
  • NunesNunes April 2008
    this would be more interesting with a list of your computer's current hardware. I don't trust programs that claim to speed up my computer. They may clean it up a bit. But you could just install some more ram, or a faster hard drive (they go up to 10k rpm now), or a better cpu etc etc and then run all the standard windows utilities and expect better results IMHO.
  • It sounds as though you're overdue for a system defrag.
  • ScabdatesScabdates April 2008
    CCleaner is basically is a combination of all of the Windows clean up apps, plus a number of other features.

    Get it. Use it.

    Is nice!
  • ebolaebola April 2008
    for once, i agree with scabdates. oh shit, what have i done.
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