• maliskmalisk May 2008
    You guys happen to remember what the best rates are for CS? I've been lagging really bad lately and cant figure out why, might be rates. I used to get 20-30 ping on this one server but now it stays between 80-120. My brother who lives about 30 minutes away gets 15-30 so its not likely the server.

    I've got a 12MB down 1.5MB up internet connection so it shouldn't have anything to do with my speed.
  • LethaLLethaL May 2008
    this is what i use with my 2M connection

    cl_cmdrate "75"
    cl_updaterate "70"
    fps_max "200"
    rate 20000

    normally i get a good ping with that unless i play on r3s1n which give me a 70 ping
  • Ive always used:

    rate 20000
    cl_cmdrate 101 (if your getting 100 fps, if not put it at your consistent fps)
    cl_updaterate 30
    fps_max 101
    ex_interp 0
  • coffeecoffee May 2008
    nobody plays cs anymore brah
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