Building a New Computer
  • Jeebus%26%2333%3BJeebus! May 2008
    I'm thinking about building a computer that's mostly for work, but it could handle gaming pretty easily too.

    I need some suggestions on what I should be buying.
  • BrianBrian May 2008
    Give us a rough price to work with.
  • ebolaebola May 2008
    abit LP35 $170
    intel q6600 $200
    adata 2 gig ddr2 800 $45
    sapphire hd3870 $150
    cooler master centurion d $50
    corsair hx520/620 $150/200 (depending on if u plan to crossfire if u got extra bucks)
    zalman 92mm $35 if you want to overclock, an arctic freezer if u dont need to for $20

    about $780-800 without keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers/headset, harddrive, or media drives and will play unreal engine games with 70fps (ut3, bioshock, vegas, gears of war) crysis on high about 25fps, and handle newer games that use multicore like a pro.

    dont buy new brand new tech just yet
  • ScabdatesScabdates May 2008
    You'll probably want to go for a case, motherboard, cpu, some RAM, a video card, a sound card, maybe a wifi card, keyboard, mouse, monitor, a hard drive, and perhaps some speakers and a headset.
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