Sucky Internet
  • FoowankoFoowanko July 2008
    Just the past day or two, my internet has been extremely delayed. I get about 500 kbps max download connection (usually about 6+ mbps) but somehow have an upload of nearly 2 mbps. I don't know if my router is messed up, a linksys WRT54GS, my modem (standard Comcast supplied) or Comcast is teh uber ghey. About 2 weeks ago my internet was gone for a whole day when it said it had connection and I feel like it's been progressively declining. Any ideas? If Verizon FiOs were provided to where I lived, I'd have switched to it by now.

    inb4 dan's "foo is gay" message
  • dandan July 2008
    I can get FiOs at my new apartment. I'm not sure if I'm going to fork out the extra money for it, though.


    p.s. I hope I was able to help you with your problems.

    p.p.s. foo is gay.
  • FoowankoFoowanko July 2008

    LULZ okay I am so awesome I fixed it myself.

    Edit: Don't know how, I just decided to beat the god-awful single player in Time Crisis 4 and I guess the fails canceled out each other leaving nothing but 12mbps WIN!
  • NunesNunes July 2008
    maybe just some ISP side problems. The tubes are getting all clogged with pr0n these days.

    /did you know you can download entire BOOKS on the internets?
  • ScabdatesScabdates July 2008
    Obvious you need to buy yourself a new internets.
  • FoowankoFoowanko July 2008
    And again...the internet is a series of tubes!
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