think im getting scammed
  • WedgeWedge July 2008
    so heres the story. i was looking on a car website for used cars and didnt see any that i liked. shortly there after i was emailed by someone saying that one of the vehicles i was looking at was back up for sale and attached was a link to the site. now the link looks like the same site, everything right down the the title bar looks legit. but im convinced its a fake. so my question is can i take that url he sent me and and find out if its legit or who it comes back to or any other info on it. thanks in advance
  • GovernorGovernor July 2008
    Why don't you just type the retype the url directly in your browser?
  • WedgeWedge July 2008
    well heres the thing, it seems as if this is a site that is made to look legit but is really fake. like they took all the code from the real site but are hosting there own site made to look just like it. i know there are some programs out there like who is and such but i dont think you can post entire urls there.

    if anyone has aim and would like to talk to get further im me at imfrumpinoff
  • GachiGachi July 2008
    When you surf the web, tracking cookies are placed on your computers. Sites then take that information and email you junk and/or scams in regards to it. There would be times I'd be looking at discounted computer software, such as those expensive ones like Adobe. A bit later, I'd get an email in regards to it and a site saying they have it for x.xx price. I'd never pay attention to them though.
  • WedgeWedge July 2008
    i got the questions i needed answered. thanks again court.
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