Getting sent to the office in M.S./H.S...
  • scrubblescrubble October 2007
    anyone got any good stories?
  • ChillsonChillson October 2007
    I was part of very immature act at my HS while on the baseball team. We were driving back from Port St. Lucie (About an hour and 15 minutes from Home) after winning a huge game against a 5A team (We were 1A). Well, it was late, we were still pumped and our driver pulled over to get gas. Well we all got out, went nuts as usual and bought a bunch of eggs.... Nobody thought of the consequences or any other possibilities of getting into trouble with this marvelous idea. Well we get back onto the highway and our driver is a olllllld Irish man who sang old Irish songs. I love that guy. Anyway we begin bombarding cars going past us. We threw it in a way that the drivers wouldn't have any idea. We launched them like a hook shot from opposite side of bus high into the air and hopefully hit the cars. Well we got a few. Nailed a bunch of cars sitting on side of road. Hit alot of crap. Missed alot of crap as well. Well genius of ours (Our dumb backup catcher) decides to throw a baseball... well that barely missed a car but then he pokes his goofy ass head out of the window and starts destroying this van. Well she got pissed and pulled our bus driver over some how. He was sooo lost, sooo funny. But anyway, she took down all our information, labeled who it was on the bus, and sent a lovely letter to our school. Well, the whole team got in trouble. Half the team was suspended 3 games. I got suspended 1 game. It was nuts. Could have been much worse though. But yea, we had to go to the office and dean and whatnot. But would I do it agian?
  • MagicMagic October 2007
    I tripped someone with an overhead cord. It was laying on the ground and when the kid was walking past I made it raise off the ground to send him flying. When he hit the cord, instead of the plug coming out, the wires split somehow so I had to sit in detention and pay for a new cord.

    I crunched up a bag of doritos and poured them on a kid at lunch. When I was walking out he pushed me, I fell down and my backpack led the way through a double-paned window. Another detention and I had to pay for half the window.

    I kicked a kids tooth out in Kindergartern and didn't get punished.

    I set a ho-ho on someone's seat when they were sitting down next to me.

    I beat someone up at my bus stop with my trombone (well, the case).

    That's all I can think of now.
  • ErlingErling October 2007
    I got a bloody nose on the way down the hall and so I just went to the nurse then 5 minutes later back to the class and the teacher asked what happened I just said I got a bloody nose so I went to the nurses instead and sat back down.
  • GovernorGovernor October 2007
    In 8th grade, I got suspended for being paid a large sum of money to run through a very public place with some chick's bra. Apparently it all would have been fine, except that the bra was stolen from her bag (I had no idea, it was just given to me) and I ran through the circle of chairs that a bunch of teachers were sitting on and one of the teachers was pregnant. They claimed had she been standing up or something, I could have forced the child into a life of cross-dressing or some nonsense. It was a bogus charge that I wasn't happy about, but I always enjoyed me some suspension.

    Also in 8th grade, I got called down to the principal's office when a teacher saw me pocket like $200 in smaller bills (perhaps it looked like a lot more than it was). They questioned me for quite awhile and thought I may have been selling drugs, but I just told them that I had lent out a ton of money to people over the school year, and I just happened to collect on the same day. In actuality, I just won a ton of money at lunch in black jack. I assumed they would respect the former over the latter.

    In 10th grade, I got suspended when my principal happened to overhear me talking about how I thought he was a closet nazi. I think I would have been OK had I not accused him of trying to pull a luger out of his desk when he called me into his office. I thought it was a clever joke that was quite relevant given the circumstances, but he was not pleased. He also had to call in one of the on-duty police officers that was posted in the building so he could act as a witness (I think he was afraid I'd actually try to tell people that he pulled a gun on me or something, which I definitely never would have done).
  • coffeecoffee October 2007
    8th (9th?) grade, i was getting ready to walk home, having forgotten to zip up the top of my backpack, when some donut puncher decides to run up from behind and drop a fistful of snow in there, so i turned and gave him a right hook to the jaw for his troubles

    i also got a stern talkin' to for making a jerk-off gesture while giving a book report on To Kill a Mockingbird
  • carto0ncarto0n October 2007
    fucked the secretary.
  • 0%3Duid%28root%290=uid(root) October 2007
    i got suspended for 4 days because i went crashing into a sign and they called it "destruction of school property"

    also the notorious ice bomber never got caught.

    towards the end of lunch i'd randomly collect two large cups of ice and dip out about 2 minutes early. i'd walk up to the third floor, and there was a space where you could directly look down to the first stair landing. from there i would wait until there were a significant amount of people and dump the ice on them.

    i also did this with napkins filled with salt. it was fucking amazing. everyday at 130pm break the teacher would always be like "GUYS! HOW COME THERES WATER HERE ALL THE TIME"
  • ErlingErling October 2007
    I also got suspended in 5th grade for bringing my swiss army knife to school in my backpack. image/blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blink:" border="0" alt="blink.gif" />
  • carto0ncarto0n October 2007
    how the hell did you crash into a sign?
  • JeedJeed October 2007
    I guess the sign didn't do its job of standing out too well...
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