Drill baby drill
  • NunesNunes September 2008
    So the dems managed to pass a bill allowing offshore drilling/exploration, but only 50+ miles out from the coast. We've not done a WHOLE lot of exploration out there, but since cali sits on a subduction boundary there's probably not any oil out there.

    IMO it's a play to get the repubs to raise a stink about a bill that APPEARS to be what they wanted all along and thereby making them look like THEY are the do nothings in congress.

    It's sneaky and underhanded, and Pelosi's a douchebag.

    /I have plenty of opinions on offshore drilling, but as far as this latest shit is concerned those opinions don't need to be considered.
  • mungomungo September 2008
    Let's just waste more money!

    Go big or go home -- if you're going to do something, do it right. Stupid libs.
  • JeddHamptonJeddHampton September 2008
    Why has politics become an us vs. them mentality (dems vs. repubs). Why can't it be about the constituents? This is what I hate about politicians, and probably why the first congress wasn't paid.
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