Questionable Donations
  • NunesNunes October 2008

    It's actually not a biased article at all. But prepare for some partisan analysis ladies:

    Q: So who in their right mind donates $7,500 to a campaign with a gibberish fake name?
    A: Somebody who wants it to get flagged.

    It just doesn't make sense to me.

    So I was thinking about it and I think the R strat now is this:
    1. Re-emphasize Obama's relationship with Ayers
    2. Re-establish how evil Ayers is in an attempt to link Obama to terrorism.
    3. Generate questionable donations to taint the waters within his current campaign.
    4. Obama's a secret muslim terrorist who takes money from his Arab donors (who wish to remain anonymous)

    I think these donors are Republicans.
  • GovernorGovernor October 2008
    They very well could be.
  • JeddHamptonJeddHampton October 2008
    I won't rule that out as a possibility, but it sounds like a plan that'd be doomed to fail.

    First, why would you give your opponent money? Granted it wasn't much for either side, but it's a good amount. Second, who's to say that anyone would pick up on it? The only way to guarantee that someone picks it up is to hand them the story. In doing so, you establish a connection to it yourself. The RNC has been asking to get some suspicion on Obama's donors, but their "plan" would backfire if anyone ever traced the donations back to them. Commonsense states to never gamble if you wager more than you can win.

    This whole plan hinges on the fact that the MSM will report only the easiest information to receive. A plan like that has some chance of success, but I don't think something like that will ever work.

    No one can deny that steps 1 and 2 in the plan are a strategy by some in the GOP, but beyond that, it seems like a bit more of a conspiracy than an actual strategy.
  • NunesNunes October 2008
    I'm inclined to agree. It seems way out there. But I'm at a loss for what would possess a legit donor to use a fake name that obvious. Like "will, good Loving - You" and "Doodad Pro" and zcvzxcv or hasdsaha. At least try "Seymour Butts" or "Richard Harder" (my boss's name).

    also as far as wagering more than you stand to gain:
    /we know the McCain camp is crazy, the question is HOW crazy.
  • JeddHamptonJeddHampton October 2008
    I completely agree that those odd names stand out to me. I'd like to see what the reasons were. There could have been some good reasons. There could have been some shady reasons.

    As for Palin, I think we can settle on a lack of research. Then again, it wasn't until her nomination that my Grandfather even considered voting for McCain. I'll have to see how that turns out.
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